Drawing for Tree of Life



For the artist, satisfaction is often elusive. Success is most likely when art closely aligns with inspiration. Inspiration is momentary, even fleeting. Art is contemplative and at it’s finest, everlasting. There is a dichotomy in translating an instance of exuberance, inspiration, into the contemplative narrative of expression, the art. It is the excitement of experience that compels the artist to distill emotions, to build ideas and organize expression.

Artists of conviction derive and develop personal expression through the language of images or symbols. Subject matter and technique are obvious and integral ingredients, the tools used by the painter to communicate ideas. Metaphor can be essential, allowing for multiple ideas or questions to be addressed by the artist or asked by the viewer.

It’s natural in the cycle of life that the old is replaced by the new. Trees have grown, fallen and grow again. Rivers rage and trickle, erode the base of those tress which have withstood it the longest and give birth to the next generation. Because all life must live within the confines of natural law, similarities are apparent. The river is a convergence of many cycles of life. Much can be observed , learned or compared and contrasted about the river itself, it’s trees, and in a broader view it’s people, it’s nation, or it’s world.

There are times when clarity becomes evident, a moment of inspiration. There are times when events and experiences in life reinforce clarity and focus inspiration.

The reasons I paint are personal. The ideas I try to express are mine. I also believe that there is the inescapable common ground of life on earth that we all share. My most recent work is built upon these thoughts and hopefully will resonate with those seeking to express similar ideas.

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